How To Clean Kitchen Chimney At Your Home?

The kitchen chimney has become an essential part of the modern interior in the present day. There are numerous kitchen chimney types available in the competitive market to meet the various requirements of the consumers. This mainly plays a significant role in keeping the kitchen clean away from the oil by absorbing the vapor released from cooking. But do you know how to clean kitchen chimney easily at our home?

The kitchen is the place where cleanliness should be maintained well. The chimney absorbs oil and spice from the kitchen and then gets accumulated in the chimney’s internal parts. So, if I don’t clean it on a specific interval, the nets become blocked, and it loses the capability of attracting the spices and oil. So, I clean the chimney once every month to keep the device and my kitchen neat and hygienic.

But only installing the chimney at your kitchen is not enough to keep the cooking place clean. You need to clean the chimney’s internal and external body parts on a specific interval to get the best service in absorbing the oil and dust while cooking. We can always call the manufacturing company’s service center to clean the chimney, but I prefer to do it by myself.

Cleaning the kitchen chimney is not very hectic if you know the exact process and follow the steps. I use some home ingredients to clean the chimney. Before starting the task, it is essential to understand how to clean chimney at home easily. Here I will share my experience to make you know how I complete the job.

Here I will describe how to clean kitchen chimney in detail. If you have never tried it, then you can try it after going through my article. You need to be very conscious about the installation and opening the parts of the chimney while cleaning its internal components.

Ways to know for chimney cleaning

The task of chimney cleaning is not very easy if it is for the first time to you. When I tried it for the first time, I was also unsure how perfectly I would do it and how the result would be. I was very conscious about handling the parts of the chimney. But once I completed the task and found it perfectly neat, clean, and well-performing, I felt satisfied.

So, go through the following points and know how to clean kitchen chimney.

Application of dishwashing liquid

One of the easiest to find ingredients for chimney cleaning at your home is the liquid dishwasher. You can use this to clean the chimney’s filter and remove the stubborn oil and spice from the body. I always prefer this readily available and active ingredient to clean the structure and the filter of the chimney.

I take a bucket full of warm water, liquid dishwasher, and a scrubber to complete the task. Firstly, I take out the kitchen chimney filter very carefully and then apply the liquid dishwasher on it. After that, I leave the filter with the dishwasher in the bucket full of warm water for one to two hours. Then I take the filter and scrub thoroughly to eliminate the stains, oil, and other dirt from the surface.

I find the entire process very easy and safe. In case of a significant size container of steel, I would suggest boiling the filter in the water to remove the stains better. But never boil the water with the filter for more than 30 minutes. This process loosens the stains and spices from the surface of the filter in a better way.

Use of the Baking soda

I find baking soda very suitable to eliminate all the stains and stubborn dirt from the kitchen chimney. This ingredient is well known as the best cleaner for many things, including the kitchen chimney filters. But do you know how to clean chimney with baking soda?

It is straightforward and effortless if you know how to clean chimney with baking soda. When the cleaning agent is powerful, then the job can be done with less effort. So, baking soda and other beneficial cleaning agents, including vinegar and salt, is the best way to remove all the dirt and the stains from the filter.

Follow the steps to know how to clean kitchen chimney with this fantastic ingredient. I took a bucket of warm boiling water and mixed two to three spoon of baking soda. To get a better result, I also added two cups of vinegar and two to three spoons of salt.

Firstly I took the filter out of the chimney and then immersed it in the mixture. I left it there for two hours. After that, I took the filter out of the water and scrubbed with the mild scrubber gently. When the stains and stubborn oil get out of the filter body, I washed it under plain running water. Then I kept them to dry. Once it was dried completely, I reinstalled it.

Nail polish remover or paint thinner

Paint thinner is an excellent component that can remove the stubborn oil and dirt from the chimney’s filter. If you do not have paint thinner available in your home, then you can also use the nail polish remover in place of thinner. If you do not know how to clean chimney filter with this component, go through my experience. I have tried it and received a fantastic result. It was straightforward and effortless to clean the chimney filter with this cleaner.

I took a piece of clean cotton cloth and soaked it in the paint thinner. Then I scrubbed the filter with that soaked cotton to clean the body of the filter. When I noticed the grease and oil became loose, then I took it under the clean normal water and washed thoroughly. The same process can be done with the nail polish remover in place of paint thinner to get the same result. Apart from the filter, I scrubbed the other parts of the chimney with the cotton soaked in thinner, and it was effortless to clean those parts. After cleaning these parts, I kept those under the sun to let dry, and after getting them dried completely, I reinstalled it in the chimney.

Use of Vinegar

If you do not know how to clean grease from chimney filters in an effortless manner at your home, then try this process. I have tried it many times, and every time I have received an excellent result. Vinegar has some cleaning agents that can easily remove grease and oil from the chimney filter body. The vinegar’s acidic agents play a significant role in removing the dirt and oil from the surface of the filter.

Now let me tell you how I tried it to clean the chimney filter. I took a bucket and filled it with hot boiling water. Then I added two cups of vinegar in the water and immersed the chimney’s filter into it. I kept it in this position for two hours. After two hours, I took out the filter and scrubbed it. While cleaning the filter, I used nonabrasive scrubber because the mild abrasive property is present in the vinegar.

It was very effortless and easy to remove all the dirt from the filter. Once I cleaned it thoroughly, I used a wet cotton cloth to wipe the filter gently. Then I kept it to let dry. I reinstalled the filter into the chimney when I got it dry.

Use of Caustic soda

This is an excellent cleaner for grease and oil. Sometimes, the filter gets too stubborn grease and oil that you can’t remove with the dishwasher or other cleaning agents. In that case, you can try this acidic component to get a good result in chimney cleaning. Do you know how to clean the kitchen chimney with caustic soda?

I have the best experience while using this ingredient to clean my chimney filter. I took the filter of the chimney and placed it on a stay. Then I wore a pair of gloves and spread the caustic soda over the filters. Then I took boiled water and poured onto the chimney filter. As soon as I pour it on the filter, fume came out.

I left it for three hours, and after that, I brought the filters out of the solution for scrubbing. I scrubbed the filter gently and carefully. After removing the stubborn greases and dirt from the filter surface, I washed them in clean and regular water. I dried the filters before placing those back in the chimney.

Use of Hot water

If you do not have any of the above ingredients, you can try to wash the filters with boiling water. Hot water can open the grease, oil, and dirt blockage from the filter body in an easy manner. I have used this process often when I don’t find enough time to clean the chimney and find a shortcut. Here I am telling you how to clean the chimney at home with hot water.

This is the easiest way I found while thinking of how to clean chimney at home. I only took the filters and immersed in the water. Then I placed the bucket on the flame and boiled for 30 minutes in low flame. After putting off the flame I water a few minutes, and then I removed the filters very carefully from the bucket. Then I took those under normal water and washed well. All the dirt was removed very easily.

Once I got the clean chimney filters, I wiped the dry cotton and placed them under sunlight to dry. When I found the filters are dry entirely, then I put them in the chimney again. This process is most effortless, but you frequently need to repeat this process to keep the chimney clean. If the dirt and grease are very stubborn, then it might not give you a satisfactory result.

How to clean kitchen chimney with auto cleaning option?

Nowadays, we find the newest kitchen chimney models with the best features, including auto cleaning options. In these models, you need to press a particular button when you need to clean the chimney’s filters. Once I press the button, the heating element automatically starts to increase the temperature of the internal parts inside the body’s structure.

The heating element removes the dirt and grease from the surface of the filter and sends it to the chimney’s bucket. This bucket is removable and easy to clean. You can take the bucket and clean with the dishwashing liquid and plan water. Then again, place in the same position.

How frequently should chimney cleaning be done?

The next question you may think of is what should be the gap between cleaning the chimney filters. There are different types of kitchen chimney models available in the modern market. You should know the type of the filter before installing it and depending on the type of filter you should clean them. Both the Cassette filters and Baffle filters should be cleaned twice a month to get the best result. Charcoal filters are not cleanable, so you need to change it once after 3 to 4 months.


If you didn’t find the chimney filters easy to uninstall and clean, then it is always better to call the professional ones. I will always be cautious while dealing with the parts of the chimney and installing or uninstalling them. The clean filters of the chimney can always increase the machine’s longevity and keep your cooking room clean in all aspects.

So, you can try any of these DIY processes when you are not getting a good response from the chimney in absorbing the grease and oil. A clean filter is a prime requirement to run the chimney thoroughly.

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