10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Frying spices and cooking Indian dishes result in smoke and greasy oil-particles that are tough to remove. And so, allergic reactions like coughing and eye-irritation become inevitable.

If you are someone who enjoys cooking as much as I do, you probably understand how uncomfortable the entire process can be without a proper exhaust system. But the experience can be hassle-free and comfortable, provided you invest in a proper kitchen chimney.

That being said, I know from experience that making a choice from a vast range of options is quite challenging. There are various factors that need to be considered while making a purchase so that you may find a model that best meets your requirements. Stressed? Well, don’t be!

Hi! I am Radhika Sharma. And after a ton of research, I have handpicked 10 best kitchen chimneys in India for you to consider. Furthermore, to simplify your task of making the right choice, I have included a buyer’s guide towards the end of this guide.

So, why wait any longer? Let’s dive into the reviews!

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Best Kitchen Chimney In India

1. Elica 60cm 880m3/hr Strip CF 60 Chimney

I always trust Elica to bring my kitchen to life, thanks to its wide range of elegant and premium kitchen appliances. And having said that, the Elica Strip CF 60, is undoubtedly my number one recommendation since it is the perfect combination of flawless aesthetics and superior performance.

Why Buy This Product?

Featuring a classic pyramid shape design and compact size, this Elica chimney can be easily installed in any modern kitchen. And as mentioned earlier, it is the perfect blend of efficient performance and flawless aesthetics. So, it not only enhances your elegant kitchen decor, but with its suction capacity of 880m3/hr, it enables you to cook comfortably in smokeless surroundings.

Further adding to your convenience, the unit includes innovative and stylish push control buttons for quick and easy access. Apart from this, the LED lamp illuminates the cooking area for a better cooking experience in absence of sufficient lighting.

I was also quite impressed by the efficiency of the layered cassette filters. In fact, other than ensuring superior purification, the filters are quite easy to remove or replace without the help of professionals. So, cleaning them is basically hassle-free. On that note, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Furthermore, every appliance from Elica is also efficient in terms of power. And the Strip CF 60 Nero Chimney is no exception. With a power wattage of 230W, it is one of the most energy-efficient options on this list.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In my opinion, Elica Strip CF 60 Nero is one of the best chimneys out there! However, the only issue I had with it was related to its installation costs, which were quite high. But if you do not have a tight budget restraint as such, it is a great deal.


  • Power-efficient
  • Attractive classic design
  • Efficient and easy to clean filters
  • Push control buttons
  • LED lamp


  • High installation costs

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2. Elica 60cm 1423m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

As I said, Elica is a trusted name when it comes to kitchen appliances, and so it makes sense to introduce you to another exceptional model from the brand. Equipped with a higher airflow rate and an advanced auto-clean technology, the Elica WD TBF HAC 60 MS Nero makes cooking as comfortable as ever!

Why Buy This Product?

To be honest, there is no reason not to buy this product! From a strikingly elegant design with a black matte finish to motion sensors, it is equipped with every premium feature. And this is why it is one of my favourite smart chimneys out there.

Thanks to its two baffle filters, you no longer have to worry about smoke and grease. In fact, with its maximum suction capacity, your kitchen remains fresh and comfortable, even while cooking. Not only this, but the filters and the unit itself are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Powered by an advanced heat auto clean technology, you can clean the chimney with the simple push of a button. Yes! It’s that simple. Using a heating element, it eliminates sticky oil particles from the inside, which is then collected in the durable, stainless steel oil collector located below.

There is no manual effort required, whatsoever, serving as a lifesaver for those with hectic schedules, including teachers like me. Furthermore, it comes with a touch panel that enhances its overall appeal while ensuring easy access to all its incredible features.

What Could’ve Been Better?

I loved this model from Elica, primarily because of the auto-clean function and other premium features. That being said, the unit is a bit noisy despite having a noise level of 58 dB, which may get annoying after a certain point of time. But nonetheless, it is definitely a must-have in every modular kitchen.


  • Includes an installation kit
  • Features two in-built LED lights
  • Durable oil collector for hassle-free cleaning
  • Motion sensor ensures smooth operation


  • Noisy operation

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3. Faber Hood Orient TC BK 60 Filterless Chimney

Moving forward to another creator of advanced kitchen solutions, Faber has been a leading manufacturer of innovative chimneys since its very inception. On that note, I bring you the Faber Hood Orient TC BK, the perfect combination of efficiency and power, requiring zero maintenance, thanks to its filterless technology.

Why Buy This Product?

With a powerful motor and suction capacity of 1200m3/hr, Faber Hood Orient allows you to cook your food peacefully without having to worry about smoke or grease. Equipped with the advanced auto-clean technology, the unit prevents grease and oil particles from affecting the efficiency of its suction power. And so, your cooking experience is never hampered!

That’s not all; the auto-clean function and oil collector also manage to increase the lifespan of the chimney. Furthermore, being filterless, it requires zero maintenance, ensuring maximum convenience with no cleaning hassles.

What’s more? Well, the unit features a touch control panel, making it an effortless product to use. In other words, it ensures easy operation at the touch of a button! Faber also keeps noise-efficiency in mind while designing its chimneys. So, you can focus on cooking in a calm environment without any disturbances.

Apart from this, the unit comes with two LED lights to illuminate the area while cooking. This helps you see clearly, especially while cooking in low light conditions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The overall installation of the chimney can be a limiting factor. Unlike the previous option on the list, Faber does not provide an installation kit for its quick and easy setup. And the installation service provided by the brand is not very prompt. Apart from this, I didn’t really come across any significant issues related to it.


  • No maintenance and cleaning hassles
  • Touch control panel
  • Noise-efficient
  • Two LED lights
  • Powerful motor and suction


  • No installation kit

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4. Hindware 1200m3/hr Nevio 60 Chimney

Hindware is another reputed brand that I trust when it comes to bathroom fixtures or kitchen appliances, as it has been in the industry for several years now. That being said, the Hindware Nevio 60 chimney, equipped with baffle filters and premium features, is designed for every Indian kitchen.

Why Buy This Product?

Thanks to its impressive suction power of 1200m3/hr, Hindware Nevio 60 manages to create a fresh and clean kitchen environment by eliminating smoke and grease particles. In fact, in order to ensure maximum suction and durability, it is equipped with a metal blower connected to the duct system.

This helps in enhancing its effectiveness in guaranteeing a comfortable cooking experience, especially in Indian kitchens. Along with best-in-class performance, the unit also ensures convenience in terms of cleaning and operation.

Featuring a long-lasting metal oil collector and stainless steel baffle filters, it is not only easy to clean, but it also stores more residue. Furthermore, I loved its touch control panel as it adds a hint of elegance to its overall aesthetics. And not just that, but it also ensures ease of operation, enhancing your entire cooking experience.

Moving on from its features and functions, for me, the highlight of this unit was its steel and glass design. Also, I am sure that the premium grey finish will surely enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The oil collector of the Hindware chimney is not made of stainless steel. Now, even though it fulfils its intended purpose of collecting and holding grease particles and oils, I am not quite sure about its durability.

This is because the metal used for making it is prone to rust and corrosion, compromising the longevity of the chimney as a whole. That being said, with proper maintenance, I am positive that it will not let you down for years to come.


  • Energy-efficient LED lamps
  • Thermal auto clean technology
  • Feather touch control for easy operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Noise-efficient


  • Oil collector is prone to rust

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5. Elica WD HAC TOUCH BF 60 MS 1200m3/hr Chimney

By now, you must know why Elica is a prominent name in this list! I promised you the best, and with this stunning and smart 60cm chimney, featuring a motion sensor control, expect a significant enhancement in the decor and functionality of your kitchen.

Why Buy This Product?

First things first, the Elica WD HAC 60 comes with baffle filters and a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr to eliminate smoke and greasy oil-particles from the kitchen. In other words, it keeps the surroundings fresh and clean, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free cooking experience.

And the best part is you don’t have to press complicated buttons in order to make it work! Thanks to its motion sensor technology, simply wave your hand towards the right to turn on the chimney. You can also increase its speed when required by waving continuously or decrease the speed until it turns off by waving towards the left.

It doesn’t just end there! Apart from being easy to operate, the unit is easy to clean and maintain. From rust-free, stainless steel, oil-collector to a heat auto-clean technology, Elica has equipped this chimney with features that ensure quick and easy cleaning.

Not only that, but I was also impressed with its striking design and black matte finish. It is capable of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of every modern kitchen. Furthermore, it does not compromise on quality, making it a must-have appliance that will surely last for years.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Coming to the downsides of the WD HAC, I noticed that the installation service offered by Elica was not prompt. And the unit was a bit noisy compared to the other options on the list. However, I didn’t really find it to be that disturbing, and it will definitely not compromise your comfortable cooking experience by a great extent.


  • High efficiency LED lamps
  • Features a trendy touch control panel
  • Elegant and smart design
  • Toughened quality for enhanced durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Installation was not prompt
  • A bit noisy

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6. Hindware Nadia 60cm 1200m3/hr Filterless Chimney

As you already know about Hindware, let’s now talk about another powerful filterless and auto clean chimney from the brand. Hindware Nadia 60 is designed to enhance your cooking experience by ensuring a smoke-free, clean, and fresh kitchen environment at all times.

Why Buy This Product?

Equipped with a filterless technology, Hindware Nadia 60 draws in smoke and oil-particles more efficiently in order to keep your kitchen fresh, clean, and odourless. In fact, its maximum suction capacity of 1200m3/hr is pretty impressive as it also helps in removing steam, heat, fumes, and grease, ensuring the ultimate cooking experience for every homeowner.

You can expect ease of operation while using this unit, thanks to its smart touch control panel, featuring motion sensor technology. This allows you to control its premium functions with just a simple wave of your hand.

Further adding to your convenience, the sturdy metallic oil-collector stores more residue, and makes the chimney easy to clean. Not only this, but it also comes with an auto-clean function, which utilises heat to eliminate the collected grease and other impurities.

I always look for the best deals when it comes to kitchen appliances, and Hindware doesn’t disappoint. From energy-efficient LED lights for illuminating a wide surface to elegant, curved glass design, Hindware Nadia is the perfect choice for everyone who has a tight budget.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The body of the chimney features all-metal construction, making it a sturdy choice. But it is not made using stainless steel, and so it may be prone to corrosion and rust. This may compromise its overall durability. That being said, it serves its purpose well in the most efficient and convenient way.


  • Smart touch control panel
  • Heat auto-clean technology
  • Elegant and curved glass design
  • High suction capacity


  • Prone to corrosion and rust

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7. Faber 60cm 1500m3/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This is another classic, curved glass chimney from Faber, a reputed brand that is known to have manufactured the first chimney. Being one of the most powerful units on the list with a high suction capacity of 1500m3/hr, it ensures hassle-free and focused cooking at all times.

Why Buy This Product?

This Faber Curved Glass Chimney is an ideal buy for those with a 2 to 4 burner stove. With its best-in-class suction power of 1500m3/hr, the unit is capable of removing smoke and oil-particles, which form after heavy grilling or frying. This keeps your kitchen fresh and clean during the entire cooking process, and even later.

Now, if I were to talk about design and features, Faber adds a premium touch to all its chimneys. And this unit is no exception! Featuring a curved glass design with a touch control panel, it helps you transform your conventional kitchen into the most stylish part of your house.

Not only that, but the gesture control also makes the chimney pretty easy to operate. As the name suggests, a few gestures of your hand will enable you to control its basic functions with ease. Apart from this, it includes an auto-clean function that cleans the baffle filters and interiors of the chimney automatically.

This saves you from the hassles of getting your hands and surroundings messy with manual cleaning. In fact, the feature also saves time, especially for those with tight schedules.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In my opinion, despite having the highest suction power on the list, the performance of the Faber Curved Glass Chimney is not as efficient as my other recommendations. But having said that, it works well for a smaller kitchen area. On the other hand, for a more substantial open kitchen space, try installing it at a higher point on the wall.


  • Elegant and stunning design
  • Gesture control for easy operation
  • Auto-clean function for easy cleaning
  • Best-in-class suction power


  • Not efficient enough

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8. Inalsa 1250m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Crescent 60BKSFAC

Inalsa, a 50-year old diversified company committed to providing innovative and high-quality products across a wide range of categories, comes forth with the Crescent 60BKSFAC Chimney. Designed to ensure a power-packed performance, it can be easily installed in the kitchen, thanks to its compact size.

Why Buy This Product?

Before diving into the depth of its features and technology, let’s talk about its classic, yet elegant design. The Inalsa Crescent 60BKSFAC is another curved glass chimney with a compact size, making it perfect for kitchens with space constraints. Not only that, but it also manages to enhance your kitchen decor while keeping it smoke-free.

Now, moving on from its stunning design, you will be pleased to know that this is one of the easiest to use chimneys as it features a user-friendly touch control panel. Apart from this, I also found it to be fairly quiet, ensuring minimum noise during operation.

Furthermore, you need not worry about its maintenance. Thanks to the auto-clean technology and stainless steel baffle filters, the unit is easy to clean. In fact, it nearly eliminates the need for manual efforts to clean the chimney.

To simplify the process of cleaning, even further, Inalsa provides an oil collector at the bottom of the unit. After utilising heat to remove the sticky oil particles, the residue is collected in this compartment. And later, this collector can also be cleaned by washing without any hassle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue I had with this efficient and powerful chimney was related to quality control. The quality of the filters and overall unit could have been better. But this does not mean that its performance is compromised in any way. However, you may have to get it serviced every now and then, which, in turn, increases maintenance expenses.


  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly touch control panel
  • Elegant design enhances kitchen decor
  • Easy to remove baffle filters


  • Quality control issues

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9. Eurodomo 1200m3/hr Hood Classy HC TC BK 60 Chimney

A brand that believes in functionality, quality, and attractive designs, Eurodomo is another name in the industry of kitchen appliances. And coming to the Hood Classy Kitchen Chimney from the brand, it is the perfect combination of quality performance and classy looks.

Why Buy This Product?

For me, Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC BK 60 is undoubtedly a true example of a flawless chimney! Why? Well, firstly, its elegant and beautiful design is all that you need to modernise your kitchen. And secondly, with a high suction power of 1200m3/hr and high-quality stainless steel baffle filters, it enables you to enjoy the best cooking experience.

Now, in order to maintain the efficient performance of your chimney and its filters, regular cleaning is a must. But owing to the busy schedules of most people, cleaning anything feels like a hassle. Keeping these factors in mind, the unit utilises the advanced heat auto clean technology for effortless removal of grease and oil particles.

The residue is then collected in the oil collector, which can be cleaned with a basic wash. Furthermore, I loved the inclusion of the two LED lights as it illuminates the cooking area for better visibility in low light conditions. Apart from this, thanks to the touch control panel, featuring a digital display, it is easy and quick to operate this chimney.

What Could’ve Been Better?

First-time buyers may find the operation and assembly of this chimney a bit challenging, only because it does not include a proper instruction manual. You may also find it tedious to get the right fittings and accessories for the product. That being said, the Eurodomo Hood Classy Chimney is not only durable, but it is also capable of adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.


  • Digital display for easy operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Two LED lights for improved visibility
  • Modernises your kitchen
  • High-quality filters


  • Difficult to find the right fittings
  • No instruction manual

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10. Faber 1200m3/hr Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK 60

Last but not least, Faber Hood Crest Plus is a noteworthy mention without which I feel this list would be incomplete. Known for its filterless chimneys, Faber has managed to take its innovation one step further with this powerful model, equipped with a metal blower and high-capacity motor.

Why Buy This Product?

As the next generation of auto-clean chimneys, this filterless unit from Faber not only ensures quick and convenient cleaning, but it also requires zero maintenance. This is what caught my attention in the first place! Furthermore, with the motor positioned inside, it creates a clear path for consuming oil and smoke particles for comfortable cooking.

In fact, along with convenience, you can expect noise-efficiency from this unit. It creates a quiet and calm environment, allowing you to focus on your cooking without any disturbances. That’s not all; thanks to its gesture control function and touch control panel, the unit is quite effortless to use.

There is no need for physical contact as it recognises human body movement in order to operate and interact. Now, as mentioned earlier, the highlight of this chimney, for me, is its hassle-free cleaning. This is made possible by the auto-clean technology, which also prevents the oil and grease particles from affecting the suction power of the chimney.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite being the last option on the list, I can assure you that Faber Hood Crest Plus does not fail to impress. However, it’s expensive installation is something that pulls it down to the bottom of the list. It is an excellent choice for those with a smaller kitchen space, but it may not be an ideal option for larger cooking areas.


  • Low noise operation
  • Filterless technology
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Gesture control
  • High-capacity motor


  • Expensive installation
  • Not ideal for large kitchens

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Buyers Guide : Best Chimney in India

With this, I come to the end of my list of the top 10 kitchen chimneys in India. So, were you able to make a decision? Well, it’s okay, even if you don’t!

I understand that choosing the ideal chimney for your kitchen from a list of the best options is easier said than done. For this reason, I have gone ahead and written this guide, explaining the critical factors that need to be considered when buying a kitchen chimney.

Read on to know more…

Keeping that in mind, I have gone ahead and written this buying guide to help you out. And I promise you that these points will accelerate your decision-making for sure.

Suction Capacity
Filter Types

The most common chimney sizes available in the market are 60cm and 90cm. Now, it is essential that you make a selection based on the size of your cooking area and stove. For stoves with 2 or 4 burners, a chimney with a width of 60cm would be sufficient. On the other hand, I would recommend a 90cm chimney for stoves with 3 or 5 burners.

Suction Capacity

This is another critical factor that plays a vital role during the selection of a chimney. A unit with a powerful motor and a higher suction capacity ensures removal of smoke, dust, and oil-particles more efficiently. This, in turn, keeps your kitchen fresh and clean at all times. That being said, I would recommend going for a chimney with a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr or more.

Filter Types

It is important to know about the three different types of filters before you go ahead with the purchase of a chimney.

Baffle Filter

This is the most popular filter designed for the Indian kitchen. Made using stainless steel or aluminium, it is highly durable and easy to clean.

Cassette Filter

It is built with an aluminium frame, featuring a mesh for smoke and greasy particles to pass through. But cassette filters require more maintenance, and may lead to noisy operation.

Charcoal/Carbon Filter

This is the ideal filter for ductless chimneys. Though it is not washable and requires replacement every 3 to 6 months, depending on the frequency and time of cooking.


Opt for an elegant and stylish chimney that is capable of enhancing the modern decor of your kitchen. You can choose from a wide range of designs, including straight glass, curved glass, pyramid, box, straight line and angular chimneys, to name just a few.

Final Words

Today, kitchen chimneys have broken conventional stereotypes in terms of design and functions. They are no longer just appliances utilised for keeping kitchens clean, fresh, and hygienic. But they are also known for their striking and elegant designs which in turn, help in modernising traditional kitchens.

Furthermore, each chimney, irrespective of its brand, offers a set of premium features for convenient operation, hassle-free cleaning, and comfortable cooking experience.

On that note, I would like to conclude this informative and review-based guide. Before signing off, let’s take a quick look at some of my favorites. Hindware Nadia 60 is the best budget-friendly option. Faber 60 Curved Glass Chimney offers the best value while Faber 60 Hood Crest Plus delivers the best performance.

Here’s hoping you gain the required insight to aid you in finding the ideal chimney for your kitchen. And with this, I take your leave.

Bye, take care, and happy cooking!

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