7 Best DSLR Camera In India 2020

Are you looking for an updated model of DSLR camera and do justice with your investment? Then you are at the right place where you will get a firsthand experience and reviews on different models of the best DSLR camera in India. 

There are different manufacturing companies involved in bringing new models of the cameras with various updated features. In this case, I went through some of the top models that can help you take the best photo at the professional level. These DSLR cameras, along with their updated features, are user-friendly and fulfill different buyers’ criteria.

Here I will like to share my experiences about the best DSLR camera in India in brief. These reviews may help you understand what suit your demand and make your further research easier on the model. Different models of DSLR cameras are available at a different budget, and you can pick one as per your pocket. Let us look into the top DSLR cameras and understand how it works.

I am Sameer Kumar. I love to frame the varieties of moments, right from landscape images to portraits using my different DSLR cameras. So, the DSLR camera plays a significant role in my passion. 

So, why wait any longer? Let’s dive into the reviews!

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Best DSLR Camera In India

Best DSLR camera under 30000

If you are looking for the best DSLR camera under 30000 rupees, you will get two top-ranked models to help you get clear images with different features.

1. Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera

Canon is one of the most renowned companies that has introduced many world-class cameras with user-friendly features. This particular model is not an exception, as well. I have seen many exciting features in this budget-friendly camera that can help you click the picture high resolution for large printing and cropping. Let us look into it in detail.

Why Buy This Product?


The canon camera is black in colour and bold in appearance to attract your attention. I liked it’s compact and easy to carry design while travelling. The camera is small in size, so you can also pack and take in your side bag. The black body with a zoom-in lens makes it more elegant and smart for the travel photographers at the pocket-friendly budget.

Easy to connect features

The best part of this canon camera model is it’s easy to connect facilities. You can connect and transfer the files of the cameras to the computer or laptop through Wifi, built-in Bluetooth, and NFC. These features help in moving the data remotely and without the need for connecting with the wire.

High-quality video capture

This best DSLR in India is available under a pocket-friendly budget with the high-resolution picture quality and video quality. You can easily capture HD quality video through this Canon camera. The videos are also easy to capture, along with the selectable frames to make their quality better. This model allows the user to handle the video manually to maintain its quality as you want.

User-friendly features

The best DSLR camera under 30000 Rupees is not only attractive and elegant but also an idea for the beginners. The easy to understand features of the camera helps the user to start clicking photos if they don’t have professional training. So, if you are a beginner and want to start taking high-quality images, then I would suggest you start with this canon DSLR camera. You can easily blur the background with this camera and highlight the focus.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Some points can be improved in the DSLR camera if you look very carefully and want to use it on a more professional level. If the camera would have a shortcut key for aperture, the camera could be more user-friendly.

 The flash of the camera can be improved as it makes the images flicker. And the output image quality can be adjusted as well. The ISO sensitivity needs to be improved so that people can use it for capturing images in the night or low light in good quality.


  • The camera has a good battery back up
  • Easy to connect with the other gadgets, including mobile and laptop or desktop
  • Easy to understand features


  • Makes noise while using

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2. Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX Nikkor

This is another outstanding model of the best DSLR camera under 30000 for its updated features and stylish appearances. I liked the model for its video, capturing quality and modern easy to handle functions. Let us see why photographers should choose this model.

Why Buy This Product?


The camera with the attractive design and lightweight makes the use of the gadget easy. I found it easy to hold the grip on the camera’s structure, which helps the photographer capture anywhere securely. The beginners will also feel confident while holding the camera, for its easy to keep the grip.

Secondly, the lightweight of the camera makes it more user-friendly. The travellers should give this camera a good rank for its so lightweight. They can easily carry the camera along with them wherever they go.

HD video quality

The primary purpose of buying the DSLR camera is capturing the moments and getting it in good quality. I found the camera very useful for capturing the fast-moving moments. The HD quality video output is available from this best DSLR camera under 30000.

Good storage capacity

The camera’s storage capacity is vital when you are a passionate photographer and interested in carrying the camera wherever you go. The camera is available with good digital as well as extended external memory size. The camera’s internal digital memory size is 13.2GB, and the external memory card size is 512GB.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In this Nikon DSLR Camera model, some features could be improved to give a better result to the users. The first thing that the reputed brand could improve in this camera is its connectivity options. The camera is connectable with the other gadgets only through Bluetooth. If the Wifi and other connecting options would be there, it could be more comfortable for the users to transfer the files.

Battery life is another point that could be improved in this DSLR camera. The battery life goes 3 days long if you use two hours every day without recharging it. The average life of the cells could be improved to give you a more extended service.


  • Autofocus locking feature for better quality subjective video
  • HD quality video output
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to control features for the beginners


  • No wifi or other remote options for connecting and transferring files to the other gadgets

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Best DSLR camera under 50000

3. Canon EOS 1500D 24.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Canon is one of the best and reputed companies that bring the best cameras in the market with the latest designs. This DSLR camera is not an exception as well. If you look into its features, you will get to know how budget-friendly the camera is and how it helps the professionals to capture amazing photos. 

Why Buy This Product?

Good image quality

This is the most vital point of this camera, which attracted me remarkably. I consider it the best DSLR camera in India because of its ability to capture images at high resolution and provide the best output. I can blur the background while focusing on the subject and capture the frame as I want.

After capturing the image, I can also save the photo by changing its aspect ratio and cropping the particular portion of the picture. The clear zoom view of the image makes the camera more favourite to me.

Multiple Connectivity

 This is the best DSLR camera under 50,000 for another reason apart from mind-blowing image quality. That is its multiple connectivity options. You can easily connect the camera with the printers and the mobile and computer or laptop using its NFC, inbuilt Bluetooth, or the Wifi. These are easy to connect options to transfer the files to the other gadgets remotely.

Easy to carry

There is another point for the best DSLR camera in India, and that is it’s easy to carry option. The canon handheld camera is light in weight. You can easily travel with it to capture photos of different places. As you want.

What Could’ve Been Better?

I felt that the camera could be improved in a few ways to give the users a better result in every way. The camera could have shortcuts to make uses easier for the users. The white balance use should also be improved to make the image quality better.

The improvements in the battery life of the camera could make it more useful. A little improvement in image output quality could be made by improving the use of the camera’s autofocus feature.


  • Various connecting options for transferring files
  • Compatible with the EF and EF-S lenses
  • LCD display
  • Ideal for the beginners.


  • Creates noise

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4. Nikon D5600 Digital Camera

Nikon cameras are always cost-effective and packed with exciting features that can make your photography more enjoyable. This is also one best DSLR under 50,000 and available with all the user-friendly features. Starting from its compact design to its updated features, all make the gadget perfect for the beginners and the travel photographers.

Why Buy This Product?

Touch screen display

In my opinion, the most attractive thing about this DSLR camera is its touch screen LCD display. This is so easy to use different filter and editing options to the captured image. You can also set the display at different angles as per your comfort.

The touch screen features and this folding display takes the appearance of the camera to the other lever. I was so satisfied with Nikon’s exclusive design that I felt investing in it is perfect.


The camera has 39auto focus points that cover a wide range of frames. I can easily use this feature to frame the candid moments or fast-moving scenes. The professional photographers can capture the images as per their requirements by using the high speed and continuous shoot.

Images in low light

I also found the camera working great when in the low light. The built-in flash is there to click the bright portrait in the low light area. Moreover, you can also use the night light landscape mode to click the images in the dawn or dusk. The low light powerhouse is there to make your task of photography easy and natural.


The camera has the best weather resistant facilities to make it longer lasting and usable in a different environment. I prefer the camera as I can use it in any temperature starting from 0-degree temperature to 40-degree temperature range and up to 85% humidity.

Moreover, it has a dust reduction system and the image sensor cleaning feature. These friendly features help in improving the performance of the camera in different places. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

I can consider it as the best DSLR under 50000 with all of these features. It could still be more attractive if it had a body stabilizing function and better optical sensor resolution. These two points could make the camera more desirable and perfect as per its budget.


  • Easy to operate menus
  • LCD display with useful editing effects
  • Compact and lightweight appearance
  • Multiple connectivity options


  • No autofocus option when video capturing

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Best DSLR camera under 70000

5. Canon EOS 200D II 24.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 200D II is one of the best DSLR cameras under 70000 rupees. The camera is not only smart and easy to carry but also rich in different features. 

Why Buy This Product?

Inbuilt editing feature

In this high profile Canon camera, you will get the unique features to edit the captured images. The best part is I could edit the pictures without even studying the manual or the guideline. This easy-to-use feature of the camera can make the captured image more creative without any hassle, and that is too in the shortest time.

Very lightweight

The camera is only 449gram in weight, which helps the user capture the moments easily from anywhere. This lightweight camera can be the best gadget to carry with for the travellers as well. The compact design and the small size camera with so many exciting features make the user’s experience mind-blowing.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The memory of the camera is 16GB, which could be improved to store images and videos. But the camera’s data storage could be improved to save a larger amount of photos to give better usability of the gadget.

It has all the advanced features that make the camera ideal for beginners and professionals. Still, the image resolution quality could be high definition to make the complete output outstanding.


  • HD quality video capturing
  • Digital stabilizer for capturing images
  • Touch screen LCD display
  • Autofocus feature with eye detection


  • Not a large memory for storing images

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Best DSLR camera under 100000

6. Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body

I like Nikon’s gadgets personally, and this camera has won my heart by providing excellent performance. The camera can be considered as the best performing camera manufactured by Nikon at this price range. There are many reasons for which I suggest to invest in this camera if you are a real photography lover.

Why Buy This Product?

 Full HD quality image and video capture

The camera is perfect to buy the 1080 pixel HD quality videos with stereo sound. The Ultra HD quality videos are also easy to capture in this camera with the autofocus option. The camera comes with the best 30 maximum shutter speed, which helps to capture fast-moving objects.

I have used the camera to capture the landscape images and the portraits and received satisfactory results. The camera is available with the image stabilizer, which improves the image’s quality and takes it to the professional level.


The appearance of the camera is impressive because of its compact design along with the lightweight. The best DSLR camera model under 100000 rupees has the touch screen LCD, which you can operate easily. The display can be tilted, and the primary interface of the camera is digital. So, the camera’s complete presentation is significantly updated, user friendly, and compact at the same time.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In the camera, if I want to improve anything, that is its battery quality. The lifespan of the cells is not very long without charging. So if you are in love with the camera and can’t stop clicking, then you may not get a satisfactory result.


  • Very light in weight and easy to carry
  • LCD touch screen display
  • The audio visual port is available
  • Easy to use features


  • The camera doesn’t come with an external memory card

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7. Canon EOS 90D Digital SLR Camera

Canon is one of the most reliable brands that have already brought excellent cameras in the market. This is another collection of their top DSLR cameras. Canon EOS 90D comes with unique features that can give you an extraordinary result in photography. Even if you are not a professional but passionate about photography, you can also pick this digital camera.

Why Buy This Product?

Easy to understand features

The first and foremost point for which I recommend this camera to the buyers is for its simple and useful features. These are very easy to operate even for the beginner level photographer. The updated features, along with its autofocus point, make capturing images easy and smart.

Secure to use

The camera has a good grip with an anti-slippery rubber band, which makes the camera’s hold and operation secure in any position. Apart from it, the model is also not heavy in weight, and the user can even carry it in one hand easily. You can use the camera without any worry of damage by holding it tightly.

High-quality image

The HD quality photos with the autofocus points can give you a detailed and prominent image. The camera can capture the picture in a maximum of 32.5 MP resolution. The high-quality photos and videos with 10 fps shutter speed can be so natural and prominent.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The camera needs to have a better battery backup. The battery of the camera doesn’t run long. Secondly, the camera should have a stabilizer that can help the photographer record the videos better. Another improvement that I think could make the camera better is its low light performance. The image quality in low light is not satisfactory for me.


  • Great quality image and video output
  • Easy to hold and handle
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Light in weight.


  • Creates noise
  • No stabilizer for taking videos

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Buyers Guide : Best DSLR in India

If you look into the modern market, you will get numerous options available. It is confusing at times to understand what to buy and where to invest. But if you want to get a good DSLR camera and make the right choice, then it is crucial to follow the right investment.

I have experience in taking images with the best quality DSLR. Here I am going to give you a few points that help you make the right investment. The following points can provide a clear idea about the facts that are essential to remember.

Read on to know more…

Keeping that in mind, I have gone ahead and written this buying guide to help you out. And I promise you that these points will accelerate your decision-making for sure.

Camera lens

Before investing in the DSLR camera, you need to know a few points about its lens, which plays a significant role in photography. There are different types of lenses available in the market, and the compatibility of the DSLR cameras varies as well. So, knowing which one is the best for you is essential to pick the right DSLR as per your requirements.

Standard lens:

This type of lens comes with a minimum 55mm focal point and light in weight. The lens can be the right choice for those who want to click portraits, landscapes, and interior even in the low light.

Macro lens:

People who are interested in capturing the detail of the objects can prefer the lens. These lenses are capable of capturing the sharp images of the particular portions of the objects. For instance, you can capture the creatures’ eyes or drops of the water on the leaves and many more with complete perfection. The lens allows the user to take images with 5 times zoom than the object’s actual size. 

Wide-angle lens:

The best DSLR camera in India is available with wide-angle lens compatibility. The lens’s short focal length allows the photographer to capture images from different angles on a professional level. The landscape photography gets the best result from this type of lens available with 4mm, 20mm, 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm focus length.

Telephoto lens:

The best DSLR camera in India with this lens can help the photographer to capture the images of nature, planet, wildlife, and more. The photos with blur background and a prominent object can give you an excellent experience. There is no fixed focus point, and you can set it as per your need with the camera’s fixed position. 


The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind for buying the best DSLR in India is its features and uses. There are many types of DSLR cameras available in the market with different features. I always look for the specific ones that are easy to operate and required to me. It helps me understand whether the particular camera I am choosing can meet my expectations.

The manufacturing companies bring new models with many updated features to make your photography more natural and clear. In this case, you should not be confused if you buy the best one as per your level of photography and its detail of the features. These features include autofocus checking: shutter speed, compatibility with the lens, connectivity, and more.

Image sensor

The image sensor of the digital camera plays a significant role in maintaining the photography quality. In simple words, ISO is the camera’s capability to convert the light to the electric signal. ISO ranges from ISO-100 to 200-ISO, and 200-ISO to 400-ISO without changing the aperture left can give the best photography output. So, keeping the eyes on the ISO range of the DSLR camera is very important. 


This is another essential feature that you need to check while investing in the DSLR camera. Megapixel of the camera means the graphic unit, and the equation is one graphic resolution equals 1 million pixels. It is always better to invest in the DSLR camera with higher megapixels to get the best quality and clear image of any object.


I always prefer the DSLR camera in compact design and light in weight. These cameras are easy to carry wherever you want and handle to click the images as per your choice. The stylish camera with heavyweight may be rugged for those who are not professional or not using the tripods.

So, I always opt for the very easy to hold and have a good grip. The lightweight cameras help the photographer to click the images steadily.

Best Camera Brands

The manufacturing brand of the top DSLR camera should have a good reputation in the market. The brands that have a good reputation don’t compromise with their quality to hold their right name. So, I always prefer to opt for the best DSLR camera rather than choosing the cheapest DSLR camera.

The manufacturing companies like Canon, Nikon, and others have already brought the best DSLR camera in India at the photographers’ pocket-friendly budgets. So, the buyers can quickly go through the reputation and reviews of the manufacturing brand before buying a DSLR camera.

Fix your budget

This is essential to fix the budget before buying the best DSLR camera. The DSLR cameras are available in different budgets. You should still set a budget and research the best models available within that price range. 

The classy and elegant cameras with the most useful features can give you the best photography result within your budget. So, researching models as per your budget can help you in finding the best from the lot. Otherwise, you may invest in the wrong product or miss the best one.

Final Words

All the mentioned models of the best DSLR camera in India of the above are remarkable in performance. Still, suppose you ask me my preference. In that case, I suggest the Canon EOS 1500D 24.1MP Digital SLR Camera as per its value and performance. The manufacturing brands always try to bring something new to surprise the consumers with a modern and innovative feature. And you can check out the reviews of the models to understand it.

I also consider Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body as the best one according to its performance. Other cameras are also useful in different aspects. Still, you should follow what suits your requirement before investing in the best DSLR camera for beginners.

Source : Wikipedia

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